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Hi, I’m Georgia!

I’m a wedding photographer from Brisbane, QLD. My speciality is creating and capturing candid moments as they happen!

I love Jesus, coffee, musicals and my friends and family! When I’m not taking photos or doing this whole running a business thing, you’ll likely find me at the beach, at a café with friends or playing some touch footy.

To be honest I’m a ball of creativity, for as long as I can remember I’ve been creating things! I grew up taking theatre classes and eventually fell into film in high school. From there I started Created By G! My one desire when starting this business was to make people feel beautiful by capturing them in their essence. I have such a joy for capturing moments that only happen once, so you can relive them forever.

Why I do it

Simply put for the people. For me my favourite thing about my job has always been the people, I love meeting new people and getting to celebrate them on one of their most exciting days! More than that, I love capturing all that love, joy and pure excitement for you to relive over and over again. I want to capture your day exactly as it happens, all the big and small moments and everything in between.

Fun Facts About Me

  • I LOVE Jesus
  • I also love my Family! I’m the youngest of four kids and have two little nieces.
  • Growing up my mum ran her own circus business, so I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve
  • Taylor Swift is unashamedly my favourite artist
  • I love a good paint by numbers!
  • My worst habit is I never finish TV shows. I have a very long list of half watched shows!
  • I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and a Bachelor of Business.